Integral Skin

What is it?

Otherwise known as self-skinning foam gives you a component with a tough, flexible skin that is moulded over a softer foam core, this type of polyurethane foam moulding is ideal for many applications including grab handles, armrests, headrests, seats etc. Integral Skin Polyurethane moulded foam has a moulded, flexible, tear-resistant outer skin. This skin is formed during the moulding process and protects a microcellular foam core with a predefined hardness. Our Integral Skin parts are only available in black and have matching pigment and mould painting to ensure parts are the same colour throughout. The mould tooling can also be grained with various patterns to give texturing, logos or graphics on the skin surface.

Where is it commonly used?

Armrests and occasional seating, grab handles, headrests, armrests, seating, bumpers.

What are its advantages?

A splash-resistant, wipeable, self-finished PU foam component with a softer centre core and a skinned surface that is UV stable. texture/graining can also be included in the tooling.